How to Get Daily Thousands of New Visitor and Free Traffic-Find Tricks

Heat Leap Free trafic

Heat Leap Free Traffic Tricks.

Today i am going  to tell you about a free new visitor and traffic so please read till end.  Heat-leap is a free and safe platform for get a daily free website visitor for increase your Alexa rank. Heat-leap is free and also a available in paid version. if you want to try so follow our simple steps and get daily thousands of websites traffic.

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Follow Some Steps

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  • After a create a successful new account, Click on  Earn Traffic Tab .
  • Download Hit-Leap Viewer Agent. its also available for windows and Mac.
  • After a Download Agent log in with same user-id and password.
  • Go to My website Tab and add your website.
  • Three Website Slots Available for free.
  • Hit-Leap Viewer Agent automatically run in background and it will collect views.
  • Earn more view with Hit-Leap Viewer Agent,.
  • Your Credited views shown in My Account Tab.
  • Your Collected view take a some time for credited in your account, so Don’t be worried about it.
  • After a half of hour you will get to start to receiving views and new visitor.
  • Done!

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About Heat-Leap

HitLeap is Taiwan based reputed company who provide a free traffic .HitLeap is a traffic exchange platform that leads to more traffic on its many customers ‘ websites.Everyone can take part in the system of free trade traffic. The websites of other participants are shown when you participate. In return, thousands of other active members can visit your website. You can also just buy a traffic kit from us and get website hits within minutes. HitLeap’s development began in 2008 in order to provide the best possible product!

If you need a Video tutorial so also available in our YouTube channel.

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