Top 5 Method to jailbreak Xbox One 2020.

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How to Jailbreak Xbox One all Models.

Xbox series is a hybrid video gaming console which is created by a Microsoft. Microsoft launch his first Xbox one in 2005 globally. it is a strong competitor of Sony Plays Station. Microsoft now offers applications, streaming services, an Xbox Live online service, and an Xbox Game Studios production arm. The company was launched in November 2001 and the Xbox console was first released in the United States.

Most of games are paid for Microsoft Xbox and Sony Plays Station and costly. If you want to play paid game for free so you need to jailbreak Xbox one series console and  jailbreak Sony Plays Station. If you don’t know how to jailbreak Xbox one and other Xbox read full article. Here we mention top 5 method to jailbreak Xbox One and other Microsoft Xbox console.

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Method 1- Jailbreak Xbox One using JTAG Tool.

JTAG modified your original Xbox ROM into custom ROM, same like a Sony plays station jailbreak. After a successful jailbreak Xbox one or any other, you can download any paid games and play it without spent a money. JTAG method is easy and band free from Microsoft. Copy your games in to your Xbox hard drive and play. JTAG also have option which is allow to play without a games disk. That method working in all Xbox one (new and Old). It is a short and easy method, we recommended you should try it.

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Steps to jailbreak Xbox One using JTAG tool.

  • First you need to download latest version of JTAG tool.  Download
  • it will com i RAR file, Extract with WinRar or any other software which you have.
  • Create folder XBOX and create another XMOD in to XBOX folder .
  • Copy XBOXMOD file in to XMOD folder.
  • Copy XBOX folder i to your USB drive ( Minimum required 1 GB FAT32 type USB Pen-drive)
  • Turn on your Xbox and plug in USB stick in to your console.
  • Enter in navigation menu and go to settings tab.
  • Click on System Update.
  • Search for new Update.
  • You will get a notification to found new Xbox One JTAG Mod v1.01 update available.
  • Click on accept Terms and Condition and install JTAG update.
  • This process take around 15 minutes.
  • You will get a notification of system update successfully.
  • Your Xbox sound beep three times and automatic shut down.
  • Power on your Xbox and click on system information, you will see there JTAG OS version.
  • Done !! Enjoy

After Successful jailbreak Xbox one you can download any paid games and play games without spent money. This method is provided by   read policy carefully and use. We are not claim any ownership of JTAG.

Method 2- Jailbreak Xbox One using Jailbreak Tool.

Instead of purchasing any software and playing games either with internal or external hard drive or Disk, you can play free games on the Xbox Website, as you can also backup and game update inside the game without any third-party updates.

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Steps to jailbreak Xbox One using Jailbreak tool.

  • Download Jailbreak Tool- Click Hear.
  • Extract ZIP file in your computer.
  • You have a three files, DAT, PUP and PKG file.
  • Create a XBOXONE folder and create another UPDATE into XBOXONE folder.
  • Copy all three DAT PUP PKG extension file into UPDATE folder.
  • All folder must named in capital latter, only this named folder recognized for update in Xbox. Otherwise folder not recognized in Xbox.
  • Insert your USB drive in to your PC ad format it.
  • Copy XBOXONE folder into your USB drive. ( Recommended 2GB fat32 USB drive)
  • Turn on your Xbox and plug in USB stick in to your console.
  • Enter in navigation menu and go to settings tab.
  • Click on System Update.
  • Search for new Update.
  • You will get a notification to found new update available.
  • Click on Ok and install a new update in your Microsoft Xbox one.
  • It will take around 15 to 20 minute.
  • Imminently shout down your Xbox one when you will get a successful Update notification.
  • Restart your Microsoft Xbox one console.
  • See your system information in settings tab. You have a new custom operating system in your Xbox one.
  • Done !, Enjoy.

All credit of this Jailbreak goes to, We are not claim any ownership of it method. We have also try it method, Read and follow steps carefully and lso we are not responsible for any further damaged your Xbox operating system.

Method 3- Jailbreak Xbox One using Booster Tool.

It is Easiest method to jailbreak Xbox One. Keep in mind it does not work with another Xbox console so do try with another. It is a latest version of Booster tool for jailbreak Xbox One console. Follow our simple steps to jailbreak Xbox One.

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Steps to jailbreak Xbox One using Booster tool.

  • Update your Xbox to latest version ( Must Important)
  • Download jailbreak Xbox One Booster Tool. One Boosters
  • You will be get two files in Zip file. One is custom OS and second is Booster tool.
  • Copy jailbreak Xbox One booster tool and custom OS into your USB Drive.
  • Insert USB stick to your Xbox one Console.
  • Go to navigate tab.
  • Now go to Xbox one OS Tab.
  • Search for new OS Update and find firmware which you downloaded.
  • Click on it and identify it.
  • Start updating OS for jailbreak Xbox One.
  • Process will star soon Jailbreak Xbox One tool will now start preparing the jailbreak data.
  • Click to Start Jailbreak Xbox One and check battery enable percentage option.
  • Prompted popup will come to put your Xbox device into the DFU mode.
  • Restart your Xbox console.
  • Start your Xbox and start process again. Do not disconnect USB stick.
  • Hold power button for 4 second and release.
  • Your Xbox will automatic restart for take new Kernel version.
  • Process Start. It will take a around a 10 to 15 minute.
  • You will get a notification “Successful jailbreak Xbox One”.
  • Now Launch jailbreak Xbox 1 booster tool.
  • Select IPSW in Booster tool, it will work in background.
  • Download and install any paid games.
  • Also your Microsoft Xbox account turn into GOLD.

It is a oldest method to jailbreak Xbox One it was working fine in all Xbox one, you can try it and if you feel any trouble, you can ask us any questions in comment section or ask us questions by mail.

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We are removed 2 method because it is not work now after a latest Microsoft Xbox one operating system updates. Stay tuned with us for further updates.

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