Top 5 Root Checker APK Download Free for Your Android.

Top 5 Root Checker APK Download Free for Your Android.
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Top 5 Best Root Checker APK Download for Android.

How to verify proper root access is configured and working or not working in your rooted android smart phone, so question is that how to check ?. Don’t worry, We have listed the Top 5 best root checker apk for android below, which is help you to verify your root access configured and working correctly or not. That all root checker apk working perfectly both on SuperSU and Superuser.

Keep in Mind this all app does not root your android smartphone. It is only check your Android device is rooted or Not.

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1st Root Checker APK- Root Checker By joykrim 

Top 5 Root Checker APK Download Free for Your Android. 1
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Root Checker APK

Root checker apk by Joykrim Tools, We place this app here in the first place because it is very old ad useful Root checker apk. which is work perfect and comes without any bug. This application offers an quick way to search the android for root access even to the latest Android user. The application offers a very simple user interface which easily informs the user if the root access is enabled or not and working correct or not.

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Root checker by Joykrim Tools working perfectly both on SuperSU and Superuser. This app checks the root access for your android system by a very simple way, fast and accurate method. this Root checker trusted by over 50 million Android devices user. The su binary is the commonest binary used for granting and controlling root access on Android devices. Root Checker verifies that the binary su is in a normal common location on the unit. Root Checker can also check whether the su binary works correctly in granting root access.

2nd Root Checker APK- Root Checker By Free Android Tools

Top 5 Root Checker APK Download Free for Your Android. 2
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Root Checker APK

Root checker apk by Free Android Tools, We place this app here in the second place because it has a very simple user interface and Easy to use for everyone and gives a quick result. You can easily and quickly check root to click on root checker navigation tab. It also provides you with detailed information on SuperSu, Super user and busy-box executable as an option. This apk working perfectly both on SuperSU and Superuser.

It has comes with may useful feature. Also shows battery Strength of your android smartphone. Provide information about charging, discharging time and current, voltage and temperature and battery health of your android smartphone.

3rd Root Checker APK- Advanced Root Checker

Advanced Root Checker allows you to verify the rooting of the android smartphones . A thorough search on the system will be performed in this App to test the all root access. Provides comprehensive root checks as well as root knowledge. Remember that no 100% result is perfect of it app.

4th Root Checker APK- SU Root Checker

SU root checker apk is on place the forth number now because it is grow speedy in Goosle play store. SU Root Checker will allow users to check, your Android smartphone is properly rooted and configure superuser permissions or Not configure proper. Even an Android beginner can test the root access of your android phone by a simple click. This program simply searches for the “SU” binary, which is once rooted on the android phone.

5th Root Checker APK- SuperSu Root Checker

Supersu root checker offers free to use in android by Stain Soft Studio Tools. SuperSu Root checker is does not root your android app or unlock your boot-loader. This tests that the system is rooted properly, has root access or not. It also checks if busy or Busy Box is installed, super-su app is enabled or not. at the last root checker will automatically inform you if your android smartphone is rooted and super su or superuser enabled correctly or not enable.

We have provide you this information since our brief use of all that app, but you can try which you like and more suitable for you. All root checker app which is listed here are free to use and Download link provided is Google Play store. Don’t worry about a bug or virus affected file.

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